Qatar airspace violation claims rejected

Bahrain refutes Qatar’s allegations that UAE military aircraft violated its airspace

Image Credit: Istockphoto

Manama: Bahrain has refuted Qatar’s allegations that military aircraft belonging to the UAE had violated its airspace.

In a memorandum delivered by its mission to the United Nations in New York to the UN Security Council in response to the Qatari allegations, Bahrain attested to the absence of any violation by the UAE aircraft of the Qatari airspace and its commitment to fly in the airspace run by the Kingdom of Bahrain only, a statement carried by Bahrain News Agency (BNA) said.

The mission showed in its report the route of the UAE aircraft which Qatar claimed to have violated its airspace, the statement said.

Through the tracking of the flight routes, the report confirms that the UAE aircraft is flying away from Qatari airspace and that Qatar violated international law when it intercepted the UAE aircraft, reflecting an irresponsible and unjustified escalation by Doha, the statement added.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain calls upon the State of Qatar to respect international law and to abide by the principles of good neighbourliness and not to repeat such unacceptable acts which endanger the lives of innocent civilians and threaten international peace and security,” the statement said.


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