Publishers urged to develop more online content

When publishers put their books on internet, people will be accessing right information

Abu Dhabi: In the age of globalised world where everyone relies on the internet and obtain all information from it whether it relates to reading, writing, creating, developing or finding any details, the role of publishing houses is vital, publishers said on Tuesday.

Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism organised a two-day publishing forum where experts and writers talked about the transformations, achievements and the impact of the world’s publishing industry.

They believe that the investment in creating electronic contents online can encourage people to read the right contents online.

Speaking to Gulf News, Abdullah Majid Al Ali, acting executive director of the National Library Sector at the Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi, said, “We are trying to invest more in the electronic books. When you go to the internet you find a content, so who is going to create this content. As cultural centre, we are responsible to put all our books on the internet so that readers can access these information easily. And it’s the right information.

“The problem of content on the internet is that there is a lot of wrong information. So one of our target is to transfer all contents from the regular books of the library to the electronic platforms — in the form of audio, video and readable contents and books,” he said.

“This will create a very strong electronic content on the internet. We are constantly transferring our contents from regular books to electronic books,” Al Ali said.

Such measures promote the love for books among students, he said.

Huda Al Khamis Kanoo, founder of Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Foundation, said, “We recognise the great challenges faced by the writers — beginning from developing an idea until the process of writing.

“We need to spread more and more awareness among the people about the literature, books and this can be done with the help of literary people and those who are attached with it.

“We started the “gallery of literature and writers” in 2015 and it aims to cement the local publishing industry.”

Talking about the future road map of publishing in the UAE, Shaikha Budoor Al Qasimi, founder and president of Emirates Publishers Association, said, “The UAE is striding ahead in the field of publishing but the thing we need to do is that we have to constantly coordinate with all partners about the challenges so that all can put their efforts in promoting the publishing industry.”


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