Property show stokes energy balance discussion

Visitors to Indian real estate exhibition in UAE can seek advice on body and home energy quotients to foster a positive and healthy environment

Dubai: Visitors to the upcoming Indian Property Show exhibition will be able to attend interactive workshops on how to enhance their body and home energy quotient.

The workshop ‘Healthy Living: Body, Spaces and Interiors’ will be conducted by Pooja Srivastav, energy consultant on Geopathic and Electromagnetic Radiation.

Scheduled for June 22 and 23 between 2pm and 3pm, the session will include tips on eco-friendly green interiors, guidance on creating balances in our bodies and house for a positive, healthy and harmonious environment.

The biannual fair, the most popular Indian property exhibition in the UAE, returns to Dubai from June 21 to 23 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Shaikh Rashid Hall.

Besides talks on body and home energy, the property fair will also host celebrated Vaastu expert Dr Padmaja Yadav on all three days — between 7pm and 8pm on June 21 and 22, and from 4pm to 5pm on June 23.

Dr Yadav will be advising visitors on the science of architecture and home decor to bring in positivity into their homes.

“Statistics show that around 80 per cent of the houses, offices and schools, etc., are suffering from geopathic stress,” said Pooja Srivastav, “Through this seminar, we want to create this awareness among people to ensure that their houses are free of such negativity and create healthier energy. Often it so happens that the earth energy is not quite compatible with the energy in a human body, which creates stress, and results in a number of health issues.”

She added that strong vibration of the earth, for example, can weaken the immune system. “Hopefully, in these sittings people will learn how to avoid and manage the stress, and instead go green in their approach.”

Other seminars at the Indian Property include seminars by some of the notable property gurus who will educate buyers on the investment landscape, legalities, taxation, Rera, and high-growth cities in India.

The separate children’s area designed by the organisers will keep the little ones occupied while their parents browse through the various properties on offer.

Tips on reducing geopathic stress and creating green interiors

1. Identify disturbing areas in the house and reposition furniture to avoid being exposed to Earth’s energy for prolonged period.

2. Place rods made out of copper, brass, or steel on the identified area to block any negative energy.

3. Minimise the use of sources that can encourage electro-magnetic radiation, such as cell phones, routers and microwave. When not using them, keep them unplugged.

4. Use energy-efficient appliances and lighting.

5. Place small plants inside the house in various locations.

6. Try to paint the walls in various hues of green for a calming effect.


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