President of Kazakhstan calls for switching paradigm of global thinking

Wed 10-10-2018 23:09 PM

ASTANA, 10th October, 2018 (WAM) — President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan has called on the international community to switch the paradigm of global thinking from confrontation to cooperation, move from forceful egoism, social nihilism and economic nationalism to a responsible search for reasonable compromises and to reverse the processes of total division, and not let it pass the point of no return.

Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the World Council of Muslim Communities, is leading the UAE delegation to the two-day faith leaders gathering.

”I fully understand the scale of this goal. But at the same time I realize the power that spirituality has. Religion has always been a fundamental force shaping culture and social relations. And now the world has entered a qualitatively new dimension, where the role of religions and its chosen leaders will be crucial. The clash of civilizations is not a fatal choice. It is in our power to change it. We must unite all our aspirations in search of a harmonious world order, ”said President Nazarbayev in his keynote address at the 6th Congress of the World and Traditional Religions’ Leaders, which opened in capital Astana on Wednesday.

”Therefore, our common duty is to facilitate a return to the highway of progress. Postponement is unacceptable here, because humanity is paying for it an incredibly high price every day – the fate of innocent people,” he warned.

”In the era of the information age, we must take full advantage of new technologies in order to promote the ideas of peace and harmony at the global level. To this end, I propose to create an information portal on the basis of our Congress. The goal of the Portal is to assist in the study and implementation of methods to strengthen resistance to any manifestation of religious radicalism and violence in general.” He called for using the enormous potential of spiritual leaders and religious organizations to establish a constructive dialogue between conflicting parties and to appeal to the world community for peace and security.

The event brought together the representatives of more than 82 countries, delegations from 46 states including well-known politicians, religious leaders as well as the representatives of international, religious and public organisations, such as the UN Alliance of Civilizations, UNESCO, the League of Arab States etc.

This year the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions celebrates its 15th anniversary.

WAM/Tariq alfaham/Hatem Mohamed


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