Policeman who paid woman’s fine doesn’t want to be repaid

Lt Al Hammadi doesn’t want the money back because the family is in financial difficulty

Dubai: Dubai Police officer Lieutenant Abdul Hadi Al Hammadi isn’t counting on collecting the Dh10,000 he paid to keep a mother of a seven-month-old child out of jail.

The Emirati policeman said he paid the fine to simply do a good deed and help the Arab family in need.

As first reported in Gulf News on Tuesday, the officer was praised for his selfless act, but he intended that his gesture remain a private matter between him and the family.

Lt Al Hammadi said he doesn’t want the money back because the family is in financial difficulty.

“When I paid the fine from my own money I wasn’t thinking of being repaid. I didn’t want to hurt his [the woman’s husband] feelings so I told him to consider the money as a loan which he can pay back when he can, but I won’t accept the money,” he said.

The incident happened at Al Rashidiya police station where the husband and wife were summoned with regard to a financial case.

The Arab husband told Gulf News earlier this week that the case concerned his private company, which was registered in his wife’s name.

“I went with my child and wife as I thought that they summoned us for questioning. I was surprised when I went through the one-day court and they told me that I should pay Dh10,000 as a fine, or my wife would be jailed,” he said.

Lt Al Hammadi said he was genuinely moved to help the family.

“When the husband entered the room, he looked so sad as he told me his story. The idea that this man’s wife would spend time in jail because he didn’t have the money, touched moved me. I couldn’t stand to see him cry as he felt so powerless with nobody willing to give him the money. I did what any human would do in such a situation,” he said.

Lt Al Hammadi doesn’t even have the phone number of the woman’s husband.

He said that the Dubai Police leadership always encourages them to help the public and needy people.

“Our directors urge us to help people and try to solve their problems. In the family’s case I couldn’t do anything so I decided to pay the fine from my own money and let the family leave with a smile,” he told Gulf News.


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