Policeman steals detainee’s Dh6,000 from safety box

Suspects pleads guilty in court to taking money he paid to repair his car at a garage

Dubai: A policeman has been accused of stealing Dh6,000 that a detainee had kept in the safety box at a police station when he was apprehended over a cheque case.

An Indian businessman was said to have been apprehended by Dubai Police for being involved in a cheque case in April.

The Indian businessman handed over Dh6,000, his wallet, two mobiles and other personal stuff to be kept in the police station’s safety box, before he was being sent to lock-up.

Few days after being detained, the businessman was informed that a court had fined him Dh1800, said records.

The businessman told the police that he had kept some money in the safety box at the time when he was detained, on which he was taken to the department to get his money. According to records, at that time it was discovered Dh6,000 had been missing from the safety box.

Primary interrogations revealed that a 20-year-old policeman had taken the money from the safety box.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of abusing his authority and stealing the businessman’s Dh6,000.

The suspect pleaded guilty when he appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday. The suspect requested the presiding judge Urfan Omar to have mercy on him.

The suspect was cited admitting to prosecutors that safety boxes can be opened with two keys, one of which given to the detainee.

He told prosecutors that he copied the second key and got the money from the box without the businessman’s knowledge.

Records contained a written confession obtained from the suspect who admitted that he took the money to pay for his car’s repair at a garage.

Meanwhile, the businessman was quoted telling police interrogators that he would waive his criminal complaint against the suspect if he returned his money.

A ruling will be heard on July 16.


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