Police warn of fraudsters promising to settle traffic fines for lesser amounts

A number of people detained for paying traffic fines through stolen credit cards

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Abu Dhabi Police have warned people to avoid paying road traffic fines through their stolen credit cards and fraudulent intermediaries who claim to pay on behalf of them at lower than the original amount of the fine. Supplied picture attached. PHOTO:Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Police have detained a number of people of Gulf, Arab and Asian nationalities who were found paying the road traffic fines through stolen credit cards.

Abu Dhabi Police on Thursday warned people against paying road traffic fines through fraudulent intermediaries who promise to pay their fines if they pay them a lesser amount. In fact, such people pay the fine amounts through stolen credit cards misusing technology, and the actual owners of the cards incur huge amount of bills.

Brigadier Tareq Khalfan Al Ghol, director of the CID at Abu Dhabi Police, said the law will take its own course. If anybody is found promoting and helping in committing this crime, he/she will be punished even it is done with good intention [to help].

The accused will be charged with resorting to illegal ways to settle the road traffic fines, he said.

Recently, the police received a number of complaints about such crimes in the society and detained a number of people of Gulf, Arab and Asian nationalities, Al Ghol said.

The investigations revealed their involvement in paying traffic fines through illegal ways, he said.

The police urged people to be careful of such fraudulent intermediaries who lure customers with the promise of settling their dues if they pay far-lesser amounts to the culprits.

He urged residents to cooperate with the police in combating such criminal activities in the society and asked credit card users to protect their bank cards, and report to the police if it is lost or stolen. At the same time, they must alert the entity concerned to block it.


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