‘Pen Print’ initiative to promote reading

National Media Council’s initiative to promote reading and encourage library visits

Abu Dhabi: The National Media Council (NMC) has launched the ‘Pen Print’ initiative to encourage members of the community to develop a habit of visiting libraries located in malls and commercial centres.

The initiative — part of the NMC’s efforts to support the Month of Reading in March 2018 — also encourages Emirati writers and promotes their publications in cultural and intellectual circles. The programme will also strive to increase book sales in libraries and commercial complexes to promote knowledge and culture as a way of life in the UAE.

Mansour Al Mansouri, NMC director-general, said: “Inspired by the directives of our forward-thinking leadership, we, at the National Media Council, have launched a host of initiatives and activities that support reading in March. The ‘Pen Print’ initiative provides a platform to introduce Emirati writers, highlight their most important books and publications, and create a kind of direct communication between them and their readers, as well as other intellectuals. The main objective is to promote and encourage reading,” he said.

A number of Emirati writers have participated in the initiative, with several local books submitted, such as: ‘Ayal Zayed’ (The Sons of Zayed) by Fatima Badr Al Yousuf; ‘The UAE First Martyr’ by Rahaf Al Mubarak; ‘Popular Games in the UAE’ by Sara Al Hammadi; ‘Zayed: An Exceptional Character’ by Ali Abu Al Rish; ‘The Pearl of Homelands’ by Ahmad Al Mazmi; ‘Abu Dhabi: Memories of the Past’ by Ebrahim Al Dhahli; and other books that contributed to the success of the initiative.


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