Pay at Carrefour using your Nol card

Dubai: Nol cards holders can now use their cards to pay for purchases at all Carrefour retail outlets across Dubai, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) officials said on Wednesday.

Using Nol cards to buy goods from Carrefour has been enabled through a payment scheme by Mercury, a leading firm in this field, in order to provide more flexible and faster payment methods in Dubai.

“This service is now available at Carrefour retail outlets in Dubai. Cardholders can use them to pay for light and quick purchases at these outlets, which are compatible with the Points of Sale of the payment platform, over and above their use in mobility purposes,” said Khaled Al Awadi, Director of Automated Fare Collection Systems at RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector.

Whenever cardholders use their cards to pay for purchases at Carrefour and other available nol card payment-enabled outlets in the UAE, they will earn loyalty points under the nol Plus Programme recently launched by RTA, during Gitex 2018.

“This initiative is an important step towards realising RTA’s objective of bringing happiness to nol card holders by offering them diversified use of their cards. The initiative is compatible with the Smart City initiative to enable people to benefit from the diverse package of services they use on a daily basis,” Al Awadi added.

Meanwhile, Miguel Bovidano, CEO of Operations and Director of Excellence at Majid Al Futtaim Retail Group, praised the initiative, saying it will attract new consumer segments.

“This shopping initiative will attract new segments of consumers by capitalising on innovative and smart means that make their shopping an enjoyable experience,” Bovidano said.


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