Pakistan court says Musharraf won’t be arrested on his return

Chief Justice Saqib Nisar says former strongman will be provided with the best security by the country’s Rangers unit

Islamabad: Chief Justice Saqib Nisar Tuesday said former president and strongman Pervez Musharraf will not be arrested on his return to the country and will be provided with the best security by the country’s Rangers unit.

Nisar said this while chairing a three-member bench hearing a case related to the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) passed by Musharraf in 2007.

“We are granting Musharraf protective bail and [until] his return, we will continue issuing his red warrants,” the chief justice stressed.

During the course of proceedings, Akhtar Shah, counsel for the former president, apprised the court that he had talked to his client on September 27.

“Musharraf has medical and security issues but he has promised that he will return,” Shah added.

Shah informed the bench that his client was suffering from an ailment of a serious nature, quoting a statement by his client informing the court that “I am also suffering from a painful backache.”

The chief justice responded saying: “We have arrangements for top-of-the-line treatment for Musharraf’s ailment here.”
Further, the defence contended that Musharraf was not accused in the Lal Masjid case.

Justice Nisar added that “nobody will arrest Musharraf. He should record his statement in the treason case before a special court, nothing else.”

He said the former president and Ishaq Dar both had chosen to hide in foreign countries instead of facing trial over cases filed against them.

The hearing was adjourned to October 11.


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