Pakistan committed to abide by FATF guidelines

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani officials and experts say that the country is fully committed to abide by the commitments and follow the 26-point guideline needed to take the country out of ‘Grey List’.

Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman Dr Mohammad Faisal in a statement said that it was agreed in February 2018 that an action plan would be negotiated between Pakistan and the anti-terror finance watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) members by June.

“This has been done and Pakistan will work towards effective implementation of the plan while staying on the Grey List,” Dr Faisal added.

He said that “Pakistan will implement the action plan negotiated with the FATF to address concerns of the international community.”

Explaining this week’s decision to put Pakistan on the Grey List, Dr Faisal said, “In February 2018, during the FATF plenary session in Paris, it was agreed that Pakistan would be included in the ‘Grey List’ in June 2018. Therefore, what is being reported in media recently is nothing new.”

Several Pakistani experts also suggested that should Pakistan fulfil the commitments, it can come out of Grey List as was the case after 2011.

Talking to Gulf News, Barrister Taimur Malik, a senior Pakistani lawyer who deals with international issues said that “the decision is not a surprise considering the political pressure in this respect from certain world powers.” He added that “however, Pakistan’s commitment to engage with FATF and APG (Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering) authorities to agree on the un-listing road map and policy suggestions within a short period highlight the country’s commitment to fighting terrorism and terrorist financing.”

Dr. Faisal also said that “a similar situation existed in 2011 when Pakistan was included in the Grey List and was taken out in 2015 after it successfully implemented the Action Plan. I hope this clarifies the media questions about FATF.”

Pakistan was formally put on the Grey List by the FATF at its ongoing plenary meet in Paris. The decision came after Pakistan submitted a comprehensive 26-point action plan to the FATF to choke the funding of terror-linked persons and institutions.


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