Pair arrested for posting drug videos online

Abu Dhabi: Ajman Police have arrested two men who posted videos on social media sites promoting the use of cocaine, a statement from the Federal Public Prosecution said on Wednesday.

The two, aged 21 and 30 years old, were arrested a few days back.

Ahmad Al Hammadi, the official spokesperson of the Public Prosecution, said that Federal Investigation Office in the office of the Attorney-General received information about the pair’s online videos.

Counsellor Dr Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, Attorney-General, immediately ordered authorities to arrest them.

The Ministry of Interior’s General Command of Ajman Police carried out the arrest in record time and arraigned the culprits.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office stated that the attorney-general had stressed the importance of combating drug trafficking crimes, as well as drug abuse and its promotion in the country.

He said all concerned entities should collaborate and deal with the scourge in a decisive manner, calling it a matter of national security owing to its ability to destroy the most important asset of the country — the youth.

He added that the UAE, with all the powers and mechanisms available at its disposal, would not hesitate in dealing with this serious scourge.


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