Omani Society for Fine Arts takes part in Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival

Thu 28-12-2017 14:17 PM

SHARJAH, 28th December, 2017 (WAM) — The Omani Society for Fine Arts, OSFA, is currently taking part in the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival, which is being organised by the Sharjah Department of Culture.

“OSFA is being represented in the festival by the Calligrapher Sami bin Zain al-Ghawi, who will organise a workshop under the title ‘Ottoman Calligraphy’ at Sharjah Centre for the Art of Arabic Calligraphy and Ornamentation,” said Oman News Agency.

Running until 23rd January, Islamic Arts Festival is considered as an Islamic artistic event, which includes several activities, in addition to hosting artists, calligraphers, craftsmen and lecturers on various Islamic arts.

The annual Islamic Arts Festival began in 1998 under the supervision and organisation of the Directorate of Art in the Department of Culture and Information, with the intention of exhibiting various kinds of traditional and contemporary Islamic arts.

Over its consecutive editions, the festival was able to display different vibrant styles of Islamic Art through a selection of art projects illustrating the authenticity of Islamic Art and its ability to keep up with current artistic changes.

The event is one of the most renowned Islamic Art events in the region, and its events include local and international exhibitions, intellectual programmes, and interactive activities.

WAM/Esraa Ismail


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