Northern emirates wake up to more rain, thunder on Monday

Dubai: As Dubai recovers from Sunday’s sporadic rainfall, the UAE’s eastern region continued to receive heavy rain and thunder on Monday morning.


In its daily forecast, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said that the weather across the UAE has stabilised since Sunday evening, “but it could become partly cloudy at times from Wednesday.”

The emirates of Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah were the most vulnerable when it came to handling the heavy rains, while the lowest rainfall was recorded in Abu Dhabi, according to the NCM. 

On its Twitter page, the weather bureau posted a video of thunder and lightning in Fujairah during the Fajr prayers at 5.36am.

The NCM said it expects the weather to further stabilise by Tuesday, with partly cloudy weather in the morning along some coastal areas and the islands, which will be accompanied by light rainfall and a slight drop in temperature.

But while the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah is expected to remain dry on Monday, a number of eastern and coastal areas will continue with rain of different intensities, which will gradually decline by this afternoon.

 The lowest temperature in the UAE was recorded in Jebel Jais at 5.3 degrees Celsius.

The top five minimum temperatures on Monday, according to the NCM, included Jebel Mebreh at 6.2 degrees Celsius, Al Jazeera at 9.6 degrees Celsius, Qsyoura at 10.2 degrees Celsius and Mukhariz at 10.4 degrees Celsius.

Temperature Forecast

By Faisal Masudi, Staff Reporter

Dubai: Rains returned before dawn in eastern areas of the UAE after Sunday’s deluge that forced some people from their homes in the region.

According to amateur videos shared on the social media channels of the National Center for Meteorology (NCM), some streets were flooded in Dibba after overnight showers.

Minimum temperatures are expected to fall as low as 8C in the mountain regions and 13C in coastal areas, where most of the UAE’s population lives in cities.

Highs could reach 26C in coastal areas and 12C in the mountainous parts of the country.

The NCM advised residents to take caution of strong winds and rough seas as southeasterly-northeasterly winds will blow over the coastal areas at a speed of 18-28km/h, which may reach up to 38km/h at times. 


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