Nine killed in horrific head-on collision in Saudi Arabia

Manama: Eight Sudanese and their Saudi driver were killed in a tragic head-on collision on the old Sahel Road in western Saudi Arabia, infamous for its fatal accident rates.

Reports said that the accident occurred shortly before sunset on Saturday and that the passengers were wearing the Ihram, the seamless white plain clothes required for making Umrah.

According to Saudi news site Sabq, the driver of the vehicle transporting the Sudanese changed lanes and collided with a truck carrying concrete. One Sudanese woman was among the victims.

The head of traffic in Makkah said that specialized crews were rushed to the scene and that the civil defence servicemen had to cut through the vehicle to pull the victims out.

Saudis have often warned against the danger of the Sahel Road, linking the coastal town of Al Lith with Makkah, saying that it was too dangerous and that the massive presence of trucks made it a high risk for other vehicles.


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