Musanada: Project delivery quality control under constant assurance, monitoring and measurement

ABU DHABI, 29th August, 2018 (WAM) — Abu Dhabi General Services Company, Musanada, has affirmed its compliance with occupational health and safety and quality requirements, noting that it is trying to improve the performance of its strategic partners in order to realise on ground the vision of Abu Dhabi government towards achieving sustainable development by implementing highest quality standards in projects execution while protecting the environment, ensuring safety of workers and maintaining highest occupational health and safety standards.

The Musanada has also indicated that, across all projects, quality control procedures are followed during asset execution and handing over following completion of construction, maintenance and commissioning, besides ensuring to use materials that conform to the specifications of all government departments in accordance with international environmental sustainability standards.

Organising the Partners’ Forum for Occupational Health and Safety, which attracted over 366 representatives of contracting and consultancy firms, was part of Musanada’s efforts to reach out to its partners, enhancing cooperation with them to further improve the level of services which will consequently help fulfill the sustainable development requirements in line with Abu Dhabi Plan and the vision of the UAE’s rational leadership.

The forum addressed the most important aspects of Musanada’s relationship to its partners, in terms of the quality of services delivered and the level of coordination required between Musanada and its strategic partners, and how to establish confidence with clients.

Opening the forum, Executive Director of Control and Performance Monitoring Division at Musanada Hamad Al Murar, welcomed the participants from across all the companies, wishing the forum all the success in achieving its objectives.

He highlighted the need to integrate Musanada’s efforts with those of its strategic partners, noting that the forum is significantly important considering the common visions and objectives to realise the directives of our rational leadership towards providing high quality infrastructure that meets the needs of individuals and the community and optimally serve the Emirate’s community and economy in line with best international standards to render the Emirate of Abu Dhabi as a leader in this field.

Al Murar assured that Musanada was keen on maintaining the sustainable relationship with its business partners comprising design and construction consultants and contractors throughout Musanada’s various project portfolios, fostering communication and exchange of expertise and views and addressing the challenges facing the aspects of quality, health and safety.

He added that Musanada’s Control and Performance Monitoring Division monitors, verifies and records the implemented quality standards across all project delivery phases, ensuring that the quality related procedures are consistent with the project’s predefined standards and specifications, stressing that the quality processes related to project delivery is subject to continuous assurance, monitoring and measurement.

The forum included five presentations that highlighted Musanada’s quality control and assurance requirements as well as the HSE requirements across the project design and construction phases in addition to the quality control and assurance processes during the project construction phase.


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