Much-married former MP fighting for life

Patna: A former Indian parliamentarian who is believed to have married at least 60 women is battling for life at a hospital in Jharkhand state for about a month.

Nonagenarian Bagun Sumbrai, who held the record of never losing parliamentary elections from Singhbhum seat in Jharkhand, is hanging between life and death at a hospital in Jamshedpur. Doctors treating him have declared half of his brain dead although his heart is now functioning.

Sumbrai, who represented Singhbhum seat four times, has been in the news for two things — his penchant for marrying and his spartan lifestyle.

As per reports, the former Congress parliamentarian married 60 women in his political career spanning around four decades. He has gone on record saying there is no harm in marrying women if that is for a good cause and doesn’t see any problem in marrying so manyn.

“Krishna [a Hindu deity] is my inspiration. He married 1,600 women and the world worships him. In tribal society, too, polygamy is not a taboo,” he said in one of his media interviews.

And when asked why he married so many women, he explained, “I don’t run after girls or women. Rather, they run after me. If they find something attractive in me, what can I do? I cannot disappoint anyone who wants to marry me.” The very philosophy ultimately crowded his family.

As per reports, tribal women always suffered from the tribulations of sexual torture at the hands of powerful and mighty people, and this ace politician offered a helping hand to all those who approached him. Most of them, thus, treated him as their “husband” and he never disappointed them either.

However, the tribal politician is also known for his Spartan life style. Despite winning elections for state assembly and parliament so many times, he never craved for luxury and rather lived a simple life, remaining clad in only dhoti, a traditional Indian dress. Whether it is summer, bone-chilling winter or rainy season, he was always seen clad in only dhoti.


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