Mother finds boy, 6, electrocuted in Ras Al Khaimah

Dubai: A six-year-old was electrocuted on Saturday afternoon after he played with a partially open electric fuse box.

The Emirati boy, identified as Salem Ali Al Shehhi, was playing at home in the Seih area of Ras Al Khaimah when he decided to go exploring.

The young boy then went into a room with the electrical fuse box, and started paying with the partially opened circuits.

The victim’s mother soon noticed that her child had gone missing, and started to search for her son in every place she could possible think of.

After a long search, the mother found Al Shehhi’s lifeless body in the room that stored the circuit breaker box.

Al Shehhi was killed on the spot, according to Ras Al Khaimah Police.

Social media users in the UAE poured message of condolences for the boy’s family, and said: “Verily we belong to Allah, and to Him shall we return”. 

How to keep your home safe

Electrical equipment and wires safety

1. Do ensure that electrical appliances do not have loose or any damaged cord or plugs.

2. Make sure that extension cords do not run under rugs or heavy furniture.

3. Always use standard and quality material.

4. Do not attach multiple appliances to power sockets so as not to overload the socket

5. Electrical work and maintenance should only be carried out by a qualified and authorised person.


Pool safety

1. Children must be under constant supervision by an adult while swimming.

2. They should wear the buoys and life jackets.

3. First aid box and survival hoops should be placed close to the swimming pool.

4. Build a safety fence around the pool and don’t allow children to run or play around the pool area.


Rooms and interior safety

1. Install safety gates for staircases to avoid your child from falling.

2. Gap between the stair balusters should not exceed four inches.

3. Do not keep furniture, tables, or chairs near windows or balconies.

4. Install safety barriers on high places like windows or balconies to prevent children from falling.

5. Put safety guard pieces to protect sharp corners at home

6. Store sharp tools and equipment in enclosed areas.

7. Secure all equipment, wires or materials laid on the floor to ensure safety.

8. Avoid overloading sockets to prevent risk of fire.

9. Keep empty plastic bags and ropes away from the reach of children.


Source: Dubai Municipality


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