‘Morocco in Abu Dhabi 2019’ showcases Moroccan heritage and culture

ABU DHABI, 9th April, 2019 (WAM) — Abu Dhabi is hosting “Morocco in Abu Dhabi 2019” from 17th to 30th April at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, in line with the objective of reinforcing ties between the UAE and Morocco.

This year, the event offers visitors an opportunity to explore Morocco’s rich heritage in architecture, music, art, and cuisine. In addition, customs, traditions, fashion, and the Moroccan Heritage Museum, will be all presented in a sensational and elegant manner to delight the senses.

This edition celebrates Moroccan women and their unique character of generosity, dedication, intuition, vision and creativity. The event also showcases Morocco’s traditional architecture; characterised by its simplicity and authentic identity.

Moroccan music will entertain visitors with traditional, spiritual, and tribal Moroccan rhythms under one roof. Artists will showcase their talents as musicians and hosts throughout the day.

Traditional industry enthusiasts will have the chance to explore and discover the skilled genius and gifted talents of Moroccan craftsmanship translating the old heritage and the Arabic Islamic legacy; such as brasseward, saddle making, jewelery, embroidery, raffia shoes, Cherbil, Tazwaqt, engravings on wood sculpture, pottery as well as the famous amlou, and Henna tattoo.

A special evening for an exclusive fashion show will be held during the event.

For the first time, the Museum of Moroccan Heritage will present history and antiquities lovers with rare display pieces, reflecting Morocco’s rich history and civilisation, rooted in Arabic history and embodying the heritage of the many civilisations and migrations that crossed its land throughout history.

Meanwhile, the creative and innovative youth section expresses the creative young worlds, inspired by the design and youth symbolism from traditional engineering, as a place of Moroccan artistic expression.


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