More proof of militia link to Hodeida attacks

Abu Dhabi: The Arab coalition in Yemen today released new technical evidence confirming Al Houthi militia’s involvement in the August 2 attack on the Al Thawra Hospital and the fish market in Hodeida. Satellite images confirm that the damage to the hospital and market was the result of mortar strikes carried out by Al Houthis.

A coalition source said the evidence was collected as part of its investigation into the explosions.

“Contrary to initial media reports and Al Houthi claims that attributed responsibility to coalition air strikes, the available evidence clearly shows the damage resulted from mortar shells fired from an area close to the impact sites,” he said. “The attack targeted one of the city’s main hospitals on the same day as the planned launch of a cholera vaccination drive, and as the UN Special Envoy briefed the Security Council in New York.

The coalition will continue to collect and share additional evidence as the investigation continues.”

Colonel Turki Al Maliki, spokesman for the coalition, yesterday accused Al Houthi militias of carrying out mortar attacks, while confirming that the coalition did not carry out any operations in the vicinity of the area affected.


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