MOHAP, UN team discuss NCD prevention and control in UAE

ABU DHABI, 5th December, 2017 (WAM) — The Ministry of Health and Prevention, MOHAP, has met with a UN interagency task force for Non Communicable Diseases, NCD, to review UAE experiences and discuss national multi sectoral response, as part of their efforts to strengthen preventive measures and reduce the rate of non-communicable diseases.

Dr. Hussein Abdel-Rahman Rand, Assistant Under-Secretary for Health Clinics and Centres at MOHAP, said, “The UAE seeks to strengthen international and regional cooperation to support the control of non-communicable diseases, namely diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and chronic respiratory diseases. It also aims to implement prevention programmes, develop health awareness and counseling programmes, and mobilise governmental and non-governmental sectors to address non-communicable diseases.

These will be achieved by promoting a holistic approach to ensure the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases focusing on the goals of the National Agenda for 2021. As well as the World Health Organisation, WHO, global targets for 2025.”

Dr. Rand highlighted the importance of the visit and its contribution towards effective implementation of the national NCD plan 2017-2021, and unite the efforts of the ministry and its national partners. “The ministry’s strategy aims at promoting the practice of a healthy lifestyle for the UAE community and provide comprehensive and integrated health care in innovative and sustainable ways to ensure the prevention of diseases all in line with the National Agenda 202, to develop the health system and provide comprehensive health coverage based on the highest international standards.

The visiting team included experts from the WHO, the UN Development Programme, and the UN Children’s Fund, UNICEF, Food and Agriculture Organisation, FAO, and the United Nations Resident Coordinator, UNCR, for UAE.

The programme agenda included meeting with members of the NCD national committee and other strategic partners. The agenda also covers visits to the office of the Prime Minister, Sports and Youth Authority, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, the Dubai Health Authority, and the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology.

Dr. Buthaina Abdullah bin Belaila, Head of the NCD Section at MOHAP, said that the participation of non-health sectors in development of the national plan for non-communicable diseases 2017-2021 and their engagement in monitoring and evaluation process is a raw model and exemplary. She extended her thanks to all members of the national committee and all the officials of authorities, who participated in the mission presenting their national experiences.

The UN team praised the country’s outstanding efforts and the multi sectoral collaboration to achieve the national targets.


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