Modobag: The suitcase that will help you catch your flight on time

Late for your flight? Envious of children sitting comfortably on their ride-on suitcases? Then perhaps it’s time to fork out some serious cash for the Modobag.

The Modobag is a motorised carry-on that travels at 8km/h (13km/h if it’s outside) – three times faster than walking. If you’ve spent too long in Duty Free, throw your goodies in the case then climb on board and glide down the lengthy concourse to your gate.

Kevin O’Donnell, the Chicago entrepreneur behind the wheely bag, dreamed up the idea when dragging his own kids around on their cases.

He says it “will help make travel more functional and more fun”, and calls it one of the “most innovative and exciting advancements” to the travel industry since rolling suitcases were invented in the 70s.

But swallow hard before pulling out your credit card – this bag costs $1,323 – $995 at the early bird price on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.


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