‘Miracle cat’ survives fall from 17th floor of Sharjah building

Sharjah: This cat in Sharjah may have used one of her nine lives when she fell from a high-rise tower and survived.

The pet cat fell from the 17th-floor window of her owner’s apartment.

Miraculously, the white cat survived the 200-foot fall from the high rise on a building located in Al Buhairah area in Sharjah and walked away without a scratch or broken bone.

According to the cat’s owner, the window of the apartment was opened to let in the winter breeze.

Lands on signboard

Somehow, the cat managed to get onto the window edge and fell out of the window and landed on the building’s signboard on the first floor.

Rescuers are calling her a “miracle cat”.

Sharjah Police officer Ahmad Abdullah Issac told Gulf News about the cat’s ordeal.

A Sharjah Police patrol was stationed in Al Buhairah district when residents who heard the cat’s meow informed the officers.

The patrol immediately moved to the scene and found the cat. The officers asked a resident on the third floor to drop a basket.

The cat first refused to get in the basket.

By that time, an Arab woman approached the police officer and informed them that she is the owner of the cat and she was missing for two days.

Then, the officer told the owner to put some food in the basket in order to get her inside the basket.

The cat had not eaten for two days and she was hungry, Issac said.

Attracted by the smell of food, the cat jumped into the basket and it was lifted up.

The cat was unharmed and handed over to its owner. The owner thanked the the officer.


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