Minimum value of Dh1m on property for UAE residency visa

I recently purchased a two-bedroom apartment. The bank’s valuation of the property was above Dh1 million, while the final price at transfer was Dh850,000. Am I still eligible for a Dubai residency visa by way of property ownership? AA, India

The figure that is considered for a property residency visa is the one lodged with the Dubai Land Department and this must be for a minimum of Dh1 million. There is no room for negotiation on this figure. In this situation AA is not eligible to apply for a property-related residency visa.

Can you tell me how many days are required for the issuance of an employment visa? I have been waiting a few weeks. AM, Pakistan

This is a common question but there is not a simple answer.

AM is referring to the employment/residency visa that is required to work legally in the UAE.

It depends on the circumstances; the company making the request, the type of company and the nature of their work, whether all the paperwork is submitted properly, public holidays, a clear medical examination and how urgently the employer requests it.

It has been known for a visa, plus Emirates Identity Card, to be processed in just a few days but it is more common for it to take between two and three weeks.

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