Military delegation from Saudi Arabia, UAE arrives in Aden

Thu 01-02-2018 10:11 AM

ADEN, 1st February, 2018 (WAM) — In the drive of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen to restore security and stability to the interim Yemeni capital, a high-ranking military and security delegation arrived in Aden from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to ascertain the response of the concerned parties to the Coalition Command’s decision to cease fire, in order to maintain the situation as it was before the outbreak of events on Sunday.

The Coalition’s delegation, which met with all concerned parties, highlighted the need to abide by the cease-fire, to return life and tranquillity to the city and to focus on supporting the fighting fronts to rid Yemen of the Houthi militias, to renounce the fighting among the people, to restore security and stability, to provide services to citizens and to continue with re-development, as the situation was before the events.

The delegation also stressed that what had happened did not serve the task of legitimacy and the Coalition in completing the liberation of the Yemeni territories and called on everyone to support the public interest and protect the blood of Yemenis.

The Coalition Command delegation toured the streets of the city to ensure the return of life, tranquillity and security to the interim capital, Aden.

The members of the delegation stressed the unity of the position of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and that they will stand with Yemen until its territory is fully liberated, noting that the mission of the Coalition is to restore legitimacy to Yemen, to restore security and stability and to implement UN Security Council resolution 2216.

WAM/Esraa Ismail/Rasha Abubaker


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