Medical center owner cleared of sexually abusing a woman


The owner of a medical centre has been cleared of luring a woman manager to his office, hugging her and attempting to kiss her against her wishes.

Dubai Court of Appeal rejected the appeal by public prosecution and upheld the verdict by the Dubai Court of First Instance holding the owner innocent.

According to prosecution, in August, the 58-year-old Indian owner of the centre reportedly called the lady manager to his office where he began praising her beauty and started flirting with her by passing comments about her physical attractions.

The Indian manager who said she was disturbed by the owner’s behaviour, alleged that the man then came towards her, hugged her and tried to kiss her even as she tried pulling away.

The manager said she remained silent about the incident as she did not have solid proof then, but when the owner repeated the behaviour in December, she was forced to resign and leave the job.

However, the court acquitted the suspect of molesting the woman and breaching her privacy and modesty due to lack of substantiated evidence.

The medical centre owner, in his defence told the judge that the manager fabricated a case against him after alleging that she hadn’t taken her salary.

The woman manager however maintained that the owner had molested her. “He spoke in a flirtatious manner with me. When I tried to leave his office, he hugged me and tried to kiss me. I remained silent about what had happened the first time because I didn’t have solid proof to justify my compliant. In December, he spoke loudly and bluntly in front of my colleagues about my figure and beauty. He then tried to pull up my sleeves … I resigned and left the centre,” she testified to prosecutors.


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