Martial artist mistreats, insults passport control official

Suspect refused to change queue when asked by official before she called him stupid and pushed him

Dubai: A martial artist has been accused of terrorising and mistreating a passport control official when she yelled at him impolitely and pushed him in front of passengers at the airport.

The Emirati passport control official was stationed at the passport control queue for GCC and Emirati citizens when he asked passengers to move to another queue at the Dubai International Airport in February.

Once all GCC citizens moved to the other designated queue, the official informed the 33-year-old Egyptian woman that she was standing in the wrong queue, according to records, and asked her to move to the right one.

The woman refused to move and when the official told her that the line was for Emiratis, she got angry and scolded him. Records said the Egyptian behaved rudely and spoke impolitely to the official and she also terrorised him by mocking him and pushing him in front of other passengers.

When the official asked the woman to accompany him to the duty supervisor’s office, she walked beside him and then she mistreated him again and pushed him in front of the supervisor.

The Emirati official lodged a criminal complaint against the woman after she assaulted, insulted and offended him when she called him stupid.

Prosecutors accused the suspect of using physical force and threat with a passport control official and terrorising and misbehaving with him.

The Egyptian failed to appear before the Dubai Court of First Instance where she was scheduled to enter her plea.

The official testified to prosecutors that the incident happened at 1am at the arrivals terminal.

“The suspect refused to move to the queue of non-Emiratis. When I insisted on her to change the queue, she got angry and misbehaved. She offended and pushed me before other passengers … then I told her to escort me to the supervisor’s office. She mistreated me and she called me stupid in front of the supervisor,” he claimed to prosecutors.

A residency and immigration captain testified to prosecutor that the suspect denied mistreating and terrorising the official.

“I tried to calm her down but she kept on shouting and boasted of her being a martial artist and having won so many championships. When I could not calm her down, I called the police office at the airport and she was taken into custody,” he claimed to prosecutors.

The suspect will be sentenced in absentia on June 26.


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