Manager charged with indecent exposure while drunk

Suspect also accused of cursing two sisters before whom he engaged in scandalous antics besides assaulting two policemen who tried to apprehend him

Dubai: A manager has been accused of getting drunk, exposing his private parts before two sisters, cursing them and assaulting two policemen who tried to apprehend him in a building’s corridor.

The two sisters were said to be heading to their flat on the third-floor of the building in September 2016 when their 38-year-old Ugandan neighbour came out of his flat and resorted to his scandalous antics while also cursing them and giving them bad names.

Records said the suspect appeared to be heavily intoxicated, prompting the sisters to call up police, but the former became physically violent with them. He also flashed his middle finger in the face of the two policemen before they managed to restrain him and took him into custody.

Prosecutors accused the manager of drunken behaviour, breaching the modesty and privacy of the two women when he exposed himself before them and of cursing them.

According to the charges sheet, the suspect also assaulted two policemen, ripped off the uniform of one of the officers and gestured indecently when he thrust his middle finger in their faces.

The suspect pleaded not guilty and denied the accusations when he appeared before the Dubai Court of first Instance on Sunday. He contended before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal that he was asleep and that the law enforcement officers had caught him in a chokehold as he lay in bed. He argued he was only trying to free himself as the two officers held him by the neck and he didn’t know if he hit them in the process or tore their outfits.

One of the policemen told prosecutors that they went to apprehend the suspect after they were informed about a fight in a building in Tecom area. “We rushed to the building where two sisters had reported to police that the suspect was drunk when he flashed his private parts in their face and waved; the sisters also complained that the Ugandan cursed them. We headed to the suspect’s flat and we discovered that he was drunk. I saw him suddenly assaulting my partner who was interrogating him about his actions in front of the sisters. He also pushed my partner and kicked him … he also assaulted me when I tried to restrain him and he grabbed me by my neck,” the officer testified.

The other policeman confirmed his colleague’s statement.

The trial continues.


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