Man told to spend time equally with wives

Patna: A counselling centre in Bihar has ordered a man to spend three days of a week with each of his wives and the remaining one day with his old, widowed mother after he was caught spending most of the time with his second wife.

The family counselling centre at a police station in Purnia district passed the order over the weekend after the man’s first wife filed a complaint, seeking justice.

Rakiya Khatoon had alleged that her husband Abu Shama, 40, had been ignoring and torturing her since he married another woman.

A five-member jury directed the man to divide his time equally between his two wives and spend the remaining day with his mother.

“We heard both sides before arriving at the decision,” counselling centre’s founding member Swati Baishantri told the media on Sunday.

“we found that the man was angry with his wife as she was allegedly not taking proper care of his old mother … we also found that the man had started ignoring his wife after marrying another woman,” Baishantri added.

She said the order was issued taking into consideration the condition of the man’s mother and his two wives. “We are happy that we have been able to save a family from being disintegrated,” she said adding they resolved the issue within two weeks and without allowing the rival parties spending not a single penny.

The legal fraternity hailed the ruling of the counselling centre saying such quick disposal of cases was the need of the hour. As per an official report, a total of 1.67 million cases are currently pending across the district courts of Bihar while 145,110 cases are Awaiting adjudication in the Patna High Court owing to a whopping 45 per cent vacancies of judicial officers.

Of the total number of cases pending in the Patna High Court, 16.54 per cent per cent cases have been pending for over 10 years while 30.12 per cent cases waiting for disposal for less than two years.


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