Man survives after jumping before truck in suicide bid

Abu Dhabi: A man of Asian origin attempted suicide by throwing himself under the wheels of a truck in Abu Dhabi. However, he survived with some injuries to his leg, according to a press release issued by Abu Dhabi Police on Thursday.

A passing police patrol spotted the incident, which occurred on Hamdan Street, and immediately informed the police control room.

Abu Dhabi Police warned that such actions constitute a serious criminal offence. Officials said cases have come to light where people have thrown themselves before oncoming vehicles to commit suicide or to blackmail drivers. Some people resorting to such actions then put the blame on drivers and illegally demand compensation from the drivers accusing them of not reporting the incident to police.

The police have the capability and modern techniques to identify culprits in such instances and they would have to face strict legal action, officials said.

The police also called on drivers to look out for pedestrians on either side of the road and to allow them to cross through designated areas to avoid run-over incidents.

The press release did not mention the date of the incident or any other details about the suspect.


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