Man jumps into lion’s enclosure in Thiruvananthapuram zoo

Thiruvananthapuram: Creeping into a zoo enclosure may not seem like the perfect way to spend your day, but Ottappalam-native Murugan clearly had other ideas.

A video shows Murugan on Wednesday at 11am down on all fours and edging his way into a lion’s cage. Fortunately, he is spotted by a guard who alerts security staff. The man is – reluctantly – pulled away from the cage.

Please note: No lions were hurt in the making of this video.

Thiruvananthapuram zoo has two enclosures for lions: one for a two year old and another for a three year old.

What stumped onlookers was  that Murugan waved when staff members were trying to rescue him. He had reportedly been missing from his house in Kerala since February 18; ads had been published in local newspapers alerting the public to his disappearance.

Fortunately the only two things hurt when he was finally rescued were his pride and his leg (not too badly).


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