Maids’ acquittal of stealing from sponsor upheld

Court rejects prosecutors’ appeal to convict 2 maids of stealing sponsor’s Dh4,000

Dubai: Prosecutors lost their appeal against two maids who were cleared of stealing Dh4,000 from their sponsor’s handbag shortly after he and his wife left the house in the afternoon.

The Emirati sponsor and his wife went out at 12.30pm and when he returned to the residence, he found out that his two Ethiopian maids had absconded in February 2017.

Upon checking out if the maids had taken any of their belongings, the Emirati found that they had taken their passports and Dh4,000 from his bag.

The sponsor instantly reported to the police that his two Ethiopian maids had absconded from his residence when he was out and that they had stolen money from him.

The two Ethiopians were apprehended shortly after.

Records did not specify how or from where the maids were arrested. In June, the Dubai Court of First acquitted the two women of stealing Dh4,000 from their sponsor for lack of corroborated evidence.

Prosecutors appealed the primary ruling before the Appeal Court and sought to have the maids’ acquittal overturned.

When they appeared in the appellate court, the two women pleaded not guilty and admitted that they only took their passports. They accused their sponsor of lodging the case against them out of malice.

On Wednesday, presiding judge Saeed Salem Bin Sarm rejected prosecutors’ appeal and confirmed the women’s acquittal.

The Emirati sponsor alleged that the incident happened when he took his wife out and returned at 5.30pm.

“When we returned home, we realised that the maids had absconded. I walked into my bedroom and discovered that my personal bag was open and someone had taken the cash from it. The room was turned upside down and the maids had also taken their passports, which were kept in the same bag. I called the police instantly,” he claimed to prosecutors.

The two women told prosecutors that they only took their passports from the bag.

Wednesday’s ruling remains subject to appeal before the Cassation Court within 30 days.


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