Maid on trial for having sex inside sponsor’s villa

Dubai: A Filipina housemaid, who was allegedly having sex with a compatriot inside her sponsor’s villa, was caught when her sponsor saw the photos she posted Facebook.

The Emirati sponsor informed the Dubai Police and the housemaid, 32, was charged with sex out of wedlock and stealing a diamond ring worth Dh5,000, a Dubai Court of First Instance heard.

On June 29 this year, the Emirati employer said that he discovered his maid was allowing a stranger to enter his villa in Al Ghusais area.

“She was working with us for six years, and I used to leave the villa as I’m resident in Ras Al Khaimah. A friend told me that he saw pictures of her with a man inside my villa. I checked her Facebook account and saw the photos,” the Emirati man, 74, said in records.

The sponsor installed security cameras and saw the maid allowing her countryman and an Indian driver to enter the villa.

When the Emirati confront her with the images, she confessed that she was having an affair with the Filipino man inside the villa. She also went on trips with him and another woman to Fujairah and to shopping centres in Dubai.

“My wife lost a diamond ring and I saw the maid wearing the ring in one of the photos. She confessed that she stole the ring,” the Emirati added.

While the Indian driver has been charged with trespassing, the maid’s boyfriend remains at large.


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