Magnitude 6.2 quake hits southeast Iran

15 people injured; walls of some houses collapse

BEIRUT: An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 hit Kerman province in southeast Iran on Tuesday, injuring 15 people and causing the walls of some houses to collapse, state media reported.

The quake struck near the town of Hojdak, according to state TV. The US geological survey recorded its magnitude as 6.1 and said it struck at a depth of 57km.

Another quake, which Iranian state media reported at 6.0 and the USGS reported at 5.4, hit western Iran on Monday, in the same region where a magnitude 7.3 earthquake killed at least 530 people last month. There have been no reports of deaths or injuries from Monday’s quake.

Hardline rivals of President Hassan Rouhani have criticised the government’s response to last month’s quake as too slow and inadequate.


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