Looking for a Reliable and Safe Air Compressor in UAE ? Look No Further Than Bin Dasmal General Trading ( BDGT )

8 th Feb 2016, Dubai, UAE

Bin Dasmal General Trading, sometimes more commonly known as BDGT, is the flagship store of the highly esteemed Bin Dasmal Group that was created by the enterprising Khalifa Abdullah bin Dasmal in 1976. In the very next this Emirati pioneer founded Bin Dasmal General Trading in the United Arab Emirates, a business that was the mere beginning of a long and illustrious career of Khalida Abdullah bin Dasmal.

The Bin Dasmal Group was formed, and indeed, the seeds of Bin Dasmal General Trading were planted here as well, when the intrepid entrepreneur recognized an all encompassing need to rapidly rebuild and upgrade the infrastructure of the region in order to create a developed land and country that could form the firm foundation that was needed for the United Arab Emirates to transform into the inspiring nation it is today.

Bin Dasmal General Trading has quickly grown over the past 39 years to become one of the most respected distribution companies of excellent quality products and services for the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration industry, such as refrigeration spare products and, if you’re looking to upgrade your system, a reliable air compressor in UAE. The company also provides high quality MEP products and services. In doing so for nearly four decades, Bin Dasmal General Trading has played an essential role in turning the UAE into a center for trade and tourism.

Bin Dasmal General Trading may have its roots firmly in UAE soil, but is managing to fly high and form strong business relations with multinational corporations  that span the continents. This serves to provide Bin Dasmal General Trading with the best quality products in the HVAC and Refrigeration industry, from long lasting evaporator coils to a top notch air compressor in UAE. The company has solidified ties all across Asia, Africa, and Europe, enabling its vision to move forward and provide for the needs of its growing consumer base.

Today, Bin Dasmal General Trading is one of many companies in the country that helps create and reinforce the backbone of the United Arab Emirates. A strong foundation of reliable MEP and HVAC infrastructure, products, and services is necessary in order to build a nation that prospers. Products like Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Thermal Insulation, PVC, PPR, and CPVC, pipe systems, as well as many other products play a necessary role in aiding the development of a country.


Bin Dasmal General Trading
Dubai Investment Park-1
PO Box 5389,
Dubai, UAE
Phone No : +971-4-8067777
Fax : +971-4-8067788
Email: trading@bindasmal.com
Website: www.bindasmalgeneraltrading.com


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