Longer maternity leave plus perks for women at Nestle Middle East

Dubai: Women working for Nestle Middle East are now entitled to a minimum of 14 weeks’ paid maternity leave that can be extended to a six-month unpaid leave plus more maternity perks at work, it was announced on Wednesday ahead of the International Women’s Day.

The new Maternal Protection Policy of Nestle Middle East will take effect beginning Thursday to ensure that all women in the company, regardless of their position, are given all the support they will need in their personal lives as they reintegrate to the workplace after delivery.

The previous maternity leave at Nestle Middle East was two months or eight weeks.

Additionally, the policy assures flexible working arrangements and guaranteed access to breastfeeding rooms during working hours in all offices and sites, including factories. The rooms will be equipped to ensure the comfortable expressing of milk, storage, and hygiene. Comfort packs including information on breastfeeding as well as a breast pump allowance are also provided to new mothers.

Christine Geary, human resources director at Nestlé Middle East, said the policy is entrenched in one of the company’s key pillars, Gender Balance, to promote diversity and the inclusion of expertise and insight from men and women of all generations.

“This policy will help us better support mothers and their families across the region, and reinforces our support for exclusive breastfeeding during the first six months of a child’s life,” she said.

“For us the equation is simple: We need the talents of younger and older men and women of all backgrounds, who can really thrive in work environments that allow them to best manage their personal lives,” said Geary.


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