Lebanese man killed in altercation over World Cup

Dubai: In a shocking incident, a Lebanese man supporting Germany in the World Cup killed a Brazil supporter at a coffee shop in Beirut after the game yesterday.

The victim, Mohammed Zahar, 20, was celebrating Brazil’s win with his friends, when the Germany supporter entered the coffee shop with his brother-in-law, eyewitnesses told the Lebanese daily Al Liwaa.

The Germany fan, visibly angry following the loss of his team, stabbed Zahar who died instantly.

The two men were neighbours.

The case is currently under police investigation.

World Cup fever has taken hold of Lebanon this month as fans adorn their cars and balconies with the flags of their favourite teams.

Lebanese tend to support World Cup favourites like Germany, France, Argentina and Brazil.

-Hams is an intern at Gulf News

-With inputs from Layelle Saad, GCC Middle East Editor


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