Kuwait clamps down on unlicensed kindergartens

Option to cut off power and water supplies aimed to force people to comply with the law

Manama: Kuwaiti authorities say they are stepping up the fight against unlicensed kindergartens, warning they would cut off their power and water supplies to such entities.

“The Ministry of Social Affairs will continue to inspect all premises that are being used as kindergartens throughout the six governorates,” Hassan Kadhem, the Assistant Undersecretary for Development, said.

“Our inspections teams have so far found 200 kindergartens that are operating without having obtained the required licence from the ministry.”

The competent authorities have been informed about the situation in order to take the necessary action, he added.

“The Ministry of Social Development does not have the prerogative to shut down the unlicensed kindergartens, but the Municipality of Kuwait will cut off the electricity and water supplies to the premises that are being illegally used to keep children,” he said in remarks carried by Kuwaiti daily Al Rai on Sunday.

“The ministry is cooperating closely with the concerned government authorities to regularise the work and operations of kindergartens and to monitor any form of violation in the licensed kindergartens.”

The option to cut off power and water supplies to force people to comply with the law and regularise situations was rejected last year by administrative courts when Kuwaiti citizens filed suits to challenge similar moves against their buildings.

The courts in June said that power and water supplies were essential and indispensable services for Kuwaiti citizens, especially during the hot months, and that the decision to cut them off was not legal.

Mohammad Al Ansari, a lawyer for the complainants, told Al Qabas daily that there was a contract between the electricity ministry and the citizens and that any breach should be reviewed by a court of justice and not addressed by cutting off supplies.


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