Kidnap suspects say girl was a paid sex worker

Defence lawyer describes girl’s story as ‘illogical and incomprehensible’, asks court to clear suspects

Dubai: Two men alleged that a young tourist had falsely accused them of kidnap and theft to cover up that she had agreed to have sex with them for Dh1,500.

An Emirati sailor and his Iranian friend told the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday that the 19-year-old Ukrainian tourist had misleadingly alleged that they kidnapped her and stole her money and passport to hide the truth that “she is a paid sex worker”.

“We did not kidnap her or steal her belongings. She is a liar … I am an honest person and will tell the court exactly what happened. We picked her up at midnight and I personally gave her Dh1,500 for the two [suspects] of us to have sex with her. I slept with her and she stayed with us until 8am the next morning,” the 41-year-old Emirati sailor contended before presiding judge Mohammad Jamal.

The Ukrainian tourist alleged that she was walking to her residence when a black car stopped in front of her in the street in February.

The Emirati and Iranian suspects were in the car, according to the Ukrainian, who said they posed as policemen, dragged her into their vehicle, kidnapped her and then stole her money and passport.

“When we stopped at a grocery store, she went out of the car on her own … she purchased alcohol and she was acting on her own. She was not kidnapped. There was no use of any kind of force. I ask the court to bring the CCTV footage of the grocery store to ensure that I am telling the truth. We didn’t kidnap her or rob her. She is a paid sex worker,” he contended.

His lawyer Saeed Al Gailani told presiding judge Jamal that the tourist’s allegations were illogical and unfounded.

“The way in which she described the incident to have happened was ridiculous, inconsistent and incomprehensible. When a victim is kidnapped, why would a suspect take the victim to a residential area? Common sense says that a kidnapper takes a victim to a desert or unpopulated area. She also alleged that the suspects moved her from one car to another. How is that possible or logical? Supposedly, that was true, why she did not run away when she was asked to move to the second car. What happened was that she spent two hours exchanging kisses with one of the suspects,” argued lawyer Al Gailani.

The Ukrainian consumed liquor with the suspects and surveillance footage did not show any signs of violence, according to Al Gailani, who contended that she had willingly joined them and was not forced into the car.

Records showed pedestrians, who saw the 19-year-old running in the street, called the police.

The suspects denied the accusations of kidnapping the woman, impersonating policemen and stealing the girl’s Dh100 and Ukrainian passport.

A ruling will be heard on August 12.


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