Kabaddi contest to be held at Indian High School

Traditional South Asian contact sport to be played ahead of UAE visit of Indian prime minister

Dubai: The Consulate General of India in Dubai, in association with Indian High School in Dubai (IHS) and Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), is organising a kabaddi competition on Thursday and Friday at the school.

The event comes ahead of the visit of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, to the UAE on Saturday.

“The tournament will be yet another demonstration of the friendship between the people of UAE and India and the bond shared by Indian schools with KHDA,” IHS said on Wednesday.

Kabaddi is a traditional contact sport popular in the Indian subcontinent. The objective is to enter the opponents half of the court, tag their players and successfully return. The game is played between two teams. A central line divides the court in two equal halves, each of which is occupied by a team of seven players (with a few reserve players outside the court). The most commonly used chant word is ‘kabaddi’ during the game.

Students of various schools in the UAE are participating in the competition on Thursday. There are eight teams, with 12 students in each team (seven players and five substitutes on the bench).

The final teams will compete on Friday. The consulate and KHDA will also be participating. There will be a friendly match between teachers and parents as well.

On Wednesday, IHS said though kabaddi competitions have been held in the UAE before, this will be the first time a tournament is being organised at the school level.


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