Jordan’s King Abdullah to ask PM Mulki to resign

Dismissal demanded in protests against IMF-backed tax increases that have shaken kingdom

Police officers secure the office of Jordan’s prime minister Hani Mulki during a demonstration in Amman, Jordan, on Saturday. The capital has been rocked by protests against the price rise.

Amman: Jordan’s King Abdullah was expected on Monday to ask Prime Minister Hani Mulki to resign in a bid to soothe widespread anger over economic policies that sparked the largest protests in several years, political sources said.

The dismissal of Mulki was demanded in a series of protests against IMF-backed tax increases that have shaken the kingdom.

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The sources said King Abdullah had ordered Mulki for an audience in his palace later on Monday.

Mulki imposed steep IMF-mandated tax hikes early this year to cut rising public debt. The increases have hit the incomes of ordinary Jordanians, causing his popularity to plummet.


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