Jagan’s party calls for Andhra Pradesh shutdown on July 24

Andhra leader’s call in the wake of failed no trust motion against Modi government

Hyderabad: Telugu Desam’s failed no trust motion against Narendra Modi government over the “injustice” to Andhra Pradesh has further widened the fault lines in state politics. As an immediate fall out of the defeat of the no trust motion and lack of any assurance from the ruling BJP to fulfil the promises made to the state, main opposition YSR Congress party has called for a strike on Tuesday.

Even as Chief Minister and Telugu Desam Party President N Chandrababu Naidu left for New Delhi to meet the leaders of the party which had supported the no trust motion and thank them, YSRCP President Jaganmohan Reddy went hammer and tongs both against the Telugu Desam and the BJP and said that both of them had let down the people badly.

Jagan, whose party MPs have already resigned from Lok Sabha, demanded that the Telugu Desam MPs should also resign immediately. “If all the state MPs resign and join the protest why the Special Category Status will not come”, he asked.

Addressing a press conference in Kakinada on Saturday, Jagan urged the other opposition parties to join the strike to send a clear message to the Centre that it cannot keep mum on the issues of life and death for Andhra Pradesh.

Some of the comments of the Prime Minister Modi during his reply in the Lok Sabha yesterday have also raised the political tempers in the state and fuelled the fight between the two main adversaries.

On the one hand, Modi revealed that he had warned Chandrababu Naidu against falling in the trap of Jagan and leaving NDA, and on the other he said that Naidu had accepted the special package for the state in lieu of Special Category Status. At the same time he also targeted Congress saying it had bifurcated Andhra Pradesh the way India and Pakistan were divided in 1947.

This has left Jagan peeved as in a way Modi blamed him for TDP quitting NDA. At the same time the YSRCP leader questioned the right of Naidu to accept the special package.

“Who had given him the right to accept the special package in place of Special Category Status. Unable to get jobs in the state, our youth are forced to migrate to the other states. SCS would have helped them as it would have brought industries and created jobs”, Jagan said. The SCS would have resulted in tax exemptions and companies would have been exempted from paying GST. “Who is Naidu to compromise on such critical issues”, he asked.

Targeting Modi as well as Congress President Rahul Gandhi for remaining mum on the main demands of Andhra Pradesh and focusing on their own political agenda Jagan said, “to protest against this attitude of all the parties we are calling strike on Tuesday so that we could intensify our struggle for the SCS”.

“Our fight is against the injustices meted out to the state both by the state and the central government”, he added.

Jagan pointedly criticised Modi by asking him why he did not fulfil the promises he made in Tirupati with “Lord Balaji” as witness.

The strike call was being seen as part of the one upmanship between the TDP and the YSRCP in the run up to 2019 polls as both the main rivals were position themselves as the true messiah of the state.

TDP on the other hand also hinted at its plans of going to the people to expose the BJP for its failure to keep all election promises made by Narendra Modi.

Chief Minister Naidu has also sharpened his attacks on Modi after the no trust motion fell through. He charged Modi with acting arrogantly and ignoring the just demands of the people of the state.


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