Israel kills slain Palestinian medic’s cousin

Dubai: Israel has shot and killed Ramzi Najjar days after his cousin Razan Najjar, a paramedic, was murdered by snipers last Friday on the border fence of Gaza, while she was trying to help a demonstrator who was injured.

Israeli Occupation soldiers fired two or three bullets across the fence, hitting Razan in the upper body.

She was pronounced dead soon after.

Israeli shoots dead 41 Palestinians in Gaza
16 killed in clashes near Gaze border

Three days after, on Monday morning her cousin Ramzi Najjar was killed the same way, bullets fired by Israeli Occupation soldiers. 

Name of imageTear gas grenades being pelted during Palestinian protests. At least 41 Palestinian protesters were killed while some 900 people were wounded, about 450 of them by live bullets, due to over US embassy opening in occupied Jerusalem on May 14, 2018.  AFP

Ramzi was there trying to express his anger over his cousin’s killing, according to his father who spoke to the media.

On Tuesday morning, Red Cross confirmed Ramzi’s death to his family, not giving any details on when will the body be given back to them.


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