Iraq executes seven men convicted of ‘terror’

Nassiriya, Iraq: Iraq executed by hanging seven of its citizens convicted of “terrorism”, the head of the health ministry in the southern province of Dhi Qar said on Monday.

Doctor Abdul Hassan Al Jabri said the bodies of the seven men were handed over on Monday to the morgue of the state hospital of Nassiriya, the provincial capital.

They had been tried and convicted on charges of “terrorism”, he said.

In December last year Iraq declared “victory” over Daesh after a three-year war against the terrorists who once controlled nearly one third of the country.

In June, Iraq executed 13 extremists after Daesh claimed responsibility for the murder of eight civilians.

Iraq has repeatedly faced criticism from international human rights groups over the high number of death sentences handed down by its anti-terrorist courts.

In 2017, at least 111 convicts were hanged in Iraq and this year 44 people have been executed.


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