Iran-made drone shot down in Yemen

UAE armed forces discovered the drone was loaded with explosive material intended to be used against targets

A drone reportedly shot down by Arab coalition forces in Yemen.

Aden: The UAE Armed Force on Tuesday seized an Iranian-made Qasif-1 drone loaded with explosives and trying to infiltrate sites close to the Yemeni forces loyal to the legitimate government, which is supported by the Arab coalition forces in the western coast of Yemen.

Upon checking the drone’s components, specialised teams of the UAE armed forces discovered a large amount of explosive material intended to be used against targets, according to official news agency WAM.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition has reaffirmed its continuous efforts to address the Iranian capabilities, which pose a direct threat not only to the Yemeni forces and people, but also threaten the freedom of navigation in the Red Sea and civilian facilities such as what happened recently at Abha airport in Saudi Arabia.


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