Imran Khan: ‘Special package’ for overseas Pakistanis soon

Imran Khan posted a series of tweets on Friday, after an ‘extensive meeting’ discussing the issue

Imran Khan tweeted: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government is working to remove hassles Overseas Pakistanis face during remitting money to the country.

Dubai: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted today (Friday) that a special package of incentives for overseas Pakistanis will be announced soon.

On Friday, @ImranKhan posted a series of tweets after “an extensive meeting” to discuss the matter.

He tweeted that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government is working to remove hassles Overseas Pakistanis face during remitting money to the country.

@ImranKhanPTI wrote: “Had an extensive meeting this morning on Overseas Pakistanis. We are going to announce a special package of incentives to encourage them to send remittances through banking channels by removing all hindrances and procedural issues. [The] Philippines did this successfully.”

He added: “InshaAllah by removing these hindrances we will be able to increase remittance flows from $20 billion (Dh73 billion) to at least $30 billion (Dh110 billion) and perhaps even $40 billion (Dh146 billion) through banking channels.”

Applauding the step taken by Khan, tweep @SorayaAziz posted: “Appreciate the fact that overseas Pakistanis are being given much attention. Easier and cost-effective process of sending remittances to Pakistan, property and land disputes dealt with and a simplified, faster and cost-effective process of visas for foreigners is a good start.”

However, the issue of remittance will not be the only focus of the upcoming special package.

According to Pakistani news outlet Geo TV: “In his first address to the nation after taking the oath, PM Khan had urged overseas Pakistanis to send their money through proper banking channels and invest in the country to help overcome the rising current account deficit.

He had called on overseas Pakistanis to return to the country and invest.

According to @BasitayubCH, land mafias were a cause of great concern while deciding to invest in the country. The tweep posted: “Well done… Inshallah, everything will work out, it’s just the matter of time. Investing in Pakistan is still a big issue. Land mafias are still active, our land is acquired from them. How can I invest in Pakistan?”

In his latest tweets, the PM vowed: “Our government is also going to ensure protection for the overseas Pakistanis’ properties and land especially from land mafias.”

@ImranKhan added: “We are also moving to remove hassles overseas Pakistanis confront at immigration when they come to Pakistan.”

Some highlighted that instead of constantly focusing on revenue from overseas Pakistanis, Khan should also focus on other streams of revenue for the country.

Tweep @farooq_afridi wrote: “Why are you not working on other heads of revenues? Always looking at overseas Pakistani contribution. We have so many areas to work on that and generate revenue.”

However, like most, @StaunchInsafian saluted Khan’s decisions to work towards the betterment of the country. The tweep wrote: “Imran Khan is a living example of not giving up no matter how much you’re against him.” The Khan supporter also shared this meme.


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