‘I am not here to fill a vacuum’: South Indian superstar Kamal Haasan

Dubai: South Indian superstar Kamal Haasan, who launched his own political party called Makkal Needhi Mayyam in his native state of Tamil Nadu on Wednesday, said he did not enter public affairs to fill any vacuum.

“I am not playing that game. I am not here to fill that vacuum. I am here to fulfil the unfulfilled wishes of my people. I want to start with Tamil Nadu and I know those needs extend beyond my state, but I want to start in my backyard,” said Haasan in an exclusive interview with Gulf News.

Ever since the death of Chief Minister Jayalalita last year, the political arena in Tamil Nadu has been unstable and seems to be filled with a disenchanted public who are craving change in the established political order.

Haasan, in his trademark deep baritone over the phone, also expressed his dream of seeing a sanitised political office filled with reforms.

“A cleaner political space and a kinder attitude from the rulers towards their people. That is my hope and I know I am not there yet. But I wish to see reforms made before I die,” said Haasan.

The award-winning actor’s voice was dripping with determination as he called his voters his own “daughters and sons”. The father of two young women did not have sons, but he feels that connection with his own people.

“They need to know that tomorrow is ours and we will own it together, posthumously if need be,” said Haasan, who made it clear that doing greater good was his main agenda.

It’s just been less than 48 hours before the 62-year-old embarked on a frenzied political journey which included christening his own party and unveiling its flag, but his spirits were still high.

“My first day [in politics] felt like my tomorrow. So I felt hope and I felt energised,” said Haasan excitedly.

Asked about the symbolism behind beginning his journey in late president APJ Abdul Kalam’s native town Rameswaram including a stop at his residence and then proceeding to Madurai to formally launch his party that evening on Wednesday, Haasan said his move was dictated by “emotions”.

“There is no symbolism and there is only emotion, righteousness and wanting to be honest. It was emulation more than symbolism. I would like to emulate my elders even if they are not on earth … He was a scientist, but this time I have launched my political rocket from a rocket scientist’s base,” said Haasan.


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