Hummus, watermelon sales soar in Ramadan

Spinneys Dubai reveals the products that fly off the shelves during the holy month

Dubai: Local supermarket chain Spinneys Dubai has revealed the products that soar in sales during Ramadan.

Sales of hummus, a thick paste of chickpeas taken as a dip, increase from 6.5 tonnes per week to a mammoth 25 tonnes during Ramadan. Spinneys produces its hummus locally and will be importing around three tonnes of chickpeas per week from Italy.

Meanwhile, watermelon sales rise by around 300 per cent — an estimated total of 100 tonnes of the hydrating fruit are expected to sell during the month.

Also, the Spinneys Honey Cake will see an increase of almost 250 per cent in daily sales this year.

To mark Ramadan, the supermarket has introduced a new range of limited edition products to its stores, including the Guaccumus (avocado hummus). Due to its popularity, Spinneys is importing around six tonnes of avocado during Ramadan to produce it.

Traditionally, Muslims in the region end their fast with light, Arabic-inspired meals that are hydrating and fulfilling, such as dates and hot and cold mezzes. Spinneys has developed a variety of products that combine traditional Arabic flavours with a modern twist. New items, which are now available at deli counters across Spinneys stores in the UAE, include beetroot hummus and freekeh salad with labneh as well as the Guaccumus.

Spinneys also has a host of limited-edition sweet treats. A brand new range of Ramadan tartlets is now available in-store in three flavours, including fig, date and pistachio and almonds with a golden almond paste.


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