Houthi militia fighters killed, depots destroyed in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast

Fri 30-03-2018 18:37 PM

HEIS, YEMEN, 30th March, 2018 (WAM) — The Saudi-led Arab Coalition Forces, backed by the UAE Armed Forces, today launched successful airstrikes against Iranian-backed Houthi rebel fighters, as well as their military equipment, vehicles, depots and ammunition supplies in Yemen’s Red Sea Coast.

Coalition fighter jets successfully launched airstrikes that killed many Houthi fighters on farms of the Al Tahitah Governorate, with others fleeing the scene in chaos. They also destroyed military depots in Al Jah, Beit Al Fageih Governorate, and military vehicles loaded with ammunition and weapons in Al Mafazah and Al Maghris.

The UAE Armed Forces provide logistical support for the land, air and marine operations of the Saudi-led Coalition, with the ultimate objective of saving Yemen from the militias.

WAM/Elsadig Idriss/Hassan Bashir


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