Housemaid accused of wiring sponsor’s money to family

Dubai: A housemaid has been accused of stealing Dh15,000 on three different occasions from her sponsor’s bedroom, heard a court on Thursday.

The British sponsor was said to have realised that the cash that he used to keep at home was decreasing day by day in June.

The sponsor grew suspicious and searched his Sri Lankan housemaid’s bedroom and found money transfer receipts hidden there.

The Briton confronted the housemaid with the receipts following which she allegedly admitted to taking his money on different occasions.

Police apprehended the 53-year-old housemaid after British reported that he had been robbed.

Prosecutors charged the Sri Lankan suspect with stealing Dh15,000 from her sponsor.

When the suspect appeared before the Dubai Court of First Instance, she pleaded not guilty and refuted her accusation.

“I didn’t steal,” she told presiding judge Habib Awad.

The Briton claimed to prosecutors that the incident happened after he discovered that his cash had been decreasing unexplainably.

“When I checked the housemaid’s room, I discovered a number of money transfer receipts. As I confronted the suspect, she admitted that she stole my money on three different occasions and wired the money to her family in Sri Lanka,” he testified to prosecutors.

The suspect was cited as admitting to prosecutors that she stole the money in June and wired the money to her country.

A ruling will be heard on November 22.


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